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Resource Delivery Service

Use our Resource Delivery service to request a book or journal article that the library doesn't have.

Before placing a request:

  • Check the Library Services Catalogue or OneSearch for the resource you need.
  • Try Searching Google Scholar for access to full text articles
  • Check with your academic library if you are studying

You can submit your requests online, track the progress and have articles delivered to you by email.

This service is for requesting items needed for work related purposes.

If you require assistance in finding literature please use our Literature Search service or for assistance with our databases Request Training.

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Resource Delivery Service

Use our resource delivery request service to get information you require for work related purposes. Submit your requests online, track the progress of your requests, and have articles delivered to your desktop. DoH library membership is required to use this service. A Registration form can be completed online.

Staff studying from an academic institution with an existing library service, are asked to request study related items from them.

Remember to check the Catalogue and Journals Quick Search to find items in our collection before requesting items from our service.